Drip Line Cafe
West Oakland, May 2018

Tucked in the heart of West Oakland, this cafe caught my attention after getting recommendations from locals.

Lucky for me, I had the honor of meeting Nora, the owner and Executive Chef of Drip Line when I visited that day.

As I sat enjoying my cold brew and breakfast sandwich, and taking in the minimalist design of the cafe, Nora caught my eyes, said hi and sat down to chat with me for a bit.

It was so refreshing to experience how she interacted with her customers; and from what I've witnessed, she and her crew have very good relationships with their regulars. 

I appreciated her friendliness and warmth in chatting with a solo traveler and I learned a lot from her in the seemingly short time we talked.  

Nora is of Singaporean descent and her heritage inspires the food she creates.  Every food on their menu, including the pastries are all made in-house.  They keep a simple menu, which goes with the simple design of the cafe.  As someone on a journey to minimalism, I really appreciated the aesthetic of the cafe.

When I asked her about the coffee they served, she was proud to express her support of  Equator Coffee, which is a local queer women-owned business.  

I had such a great experience.  The atmosphere was nice, the food and coffee were delicious, and I was glad to meet Nora. 

I look forward to visiting again when I make my way back to the bay area. 

Visit their website:  http://driplineoakland.com/

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